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The quickest and most effective way to make an impact at Safe 'N Sound is to donate money. This allows us to fund programs and projects. We can purchase items we need as we need them.

Alternatively, we post a needs list to Facebook each month of items to donate, or we also have our Amazon list that is updated as necessary.


Consider donating your time! We're always looking for people as one-time volunteers, weekly volunteers, and people/companies to host events and donation drives in support of Safe 'N Sound.

For regular weekly volunteers tasks could include; laundry, cutting hair, cleaning, making breakfast, running errands, doing an activity with participants. It really depends on what your skills are and what you are interested in.

How can you help?

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Educate yourself and, in turn, educate those around you! A great start to supporting the most vulnerable people in our community is to educate yourself. For example, you can learn how many are living in poverty, what are their struggles, how to save a life with Naloxone, and keep up to date on news. Below we've provided some of our favourite links to get you started.

First Aid for Opioid Overdoses Online Course

This interactive 45-minute online course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence you need to respond to a known or suspected opioid overdose emergency.

CMHA: Housing & Mental Health

Adequate, suitable and affordable housing contributes to our physical and mental well-being. It leads to increased personal safety and helps decrease stress, leading to improved sleep and diet. All of these factors result in better mental health outcomes. 

Let's Talk About Harm Reduction

This great resources created by One City Peterborough goes over what harm reduction is and how you can support the cause. Learn how to answer various questions or concerns when friends, colleagues, or family bring up the topic.


Food Insecurities Stats, 2022

Food insecurity is a large and persistent problem in Canada. The latest estimates show that it has worsened in 2022. The persistently high prevalence of household food insecurity across Canada highlights the need for more effective, evidence-based policy responses by federal and provincial governments.

Homeless Hub Canada

The Canadian Observatory on Homelessness is the largest national research institute devoted to homelessness in Canada. The COH is the curator of the Homeless Hub – a library of over 30,000 resources.

Rogers TV: We All Belong

Join host Carol Merton as she looks at the homelessness issue in Owen Sound by speaking with homeless people and local agencies. Thank you to Carol, Rogers TV, and all those who participated in the interviews. This is a great source of local info.


Get involved in local, provincial or federal politics. Give a voice to marginalized communities. You could go to open council meetings and participate or write to a politician about your concerns. To make things easy, we have made an online postcard. Fill out the info and your message, let us know who you want it to go to, it could be a specific person or as vague as city council. We will make sure it gets to where it needs to go.

Owen Sound City Council

Local politics

Grey County Council

Local politics

Legislative Assembly of Ontario

Provincial politics

Send A Politician A Postcard.

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